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Hi and Welcome to DA-A-U (deviantArt Artists Unite)

This is a place to share Contest news and get more Exposure for your Contest Entries and/or Journal Features that you have made to support your Fellow DA Artist or have made for your self to gain more attention!

It is this groups wish and hope that it will bring you much more viewers, Favs, Votes, Comments, and Exposure for your Contests or Contest Entries. Also hope it helps for you to meet more upstanding and artistic Friends on DA.

Please read the DA-A-U Rules if you have any questions please leave a comment in the Rules Journal Blog: Thank You


For Contest Promoters and Makers:

If you are in my Group's folders as a contest that is going on please once your contest is over and you know your Winners please write the group a note and I will place your winners in the Featured Folder. You may also post in your prizes within your Journal this featuring of the winners by DA-A-U


Thank you all for being a part of deviantArt Artists Unite Group your support is very much appreciated!


Submission Rules and How to Submit

To submit a Deviation or Entry:

1.Go to the folder you wish to submit to and click on the button that says Submit To This Folder and a drop down menu will appear, select the option Chose An Existing Deviation...

2. Find your entry for the contest and click on it. It will turn blue when it is selected.

3. If you wish to submit more than one at a time press and hold the Command or CTRL key on your key board and select them.

4. Once you have selected all you wish to submit at this time click on the green and now accessible Submit button.


To submit a Journal where you are asking for votes, comments, or views or have featured other DA Artists and are trying to get them the same do #'s 1 above then

1. Click on the All of deviantArt tab on top of the window.

2. Select Journals underneath where it says ALL

3. Type in the name of your Journal in the search bar on the other side of the window.. I hope you named it something other than Devious Journal Entry other wise you may be looking for quite a while to find your journal. (You can always rename your journal and then come back and retry this)

4. Now do #'s 2 and then 4 from up above.

Gallery folders and what they are for:

I. Your Contest Entries Folder- Submit any Entries you have to the Folder found here…. This is for any Entries that you wish to have more exposure and possibly more votes on. You may also submit other member's entries to this folder to help them out but would prefer it if you just let them know about the group and they could become members.

II. Journal Features Folder - Submit any Journals to the Journal Features folder found here… This folder is for any Journals that are featuring you or other DA artists Entries where you are requesting others to vote/comment/fav/or view your or the other people's entries you have featured.

III. Contest Journals Folder- If you are running a contest or if there are any contests that you know of that you wish to try and get more DA members involved please feel free to post them in this Folder here…. Please no Raffle contests where someone has to give points in order to be entered this is against DA policy. Although other raffles are ok I believe as long as they are free to be entered.

IV. Featured- No one can submit to the featured folder but me and these will only be for the winners of individual DA members or other contests found on DA, including the winners of the design battles and DA Contests. I hope you understand.


Thanks to all who join my group! Wish you the greatest luck in all you do. Have fun!


Gallery Folders

Undertone VII by greQ111
Music Gear Me Up ! by doyanadem
The Other Side Of me by shiny-shadows-Art
LlamaMusic by sant2
Contests and Contest Journals
Just Like The Old Days by 95NFH
Lost And Survive by 95NFH
The uncanny X-Men by SACARA9
Lucifer by 95NFH
Journal Features
Closed Contests



Recent Journal Entries

So feeling much better now.

New things that are going to be done very soon will be making some journal feature's here for the past contests.

Working on a Icon for this group.

Will be taking any suggestions now on how to make this group any better.  Also if anyone is interested in helping me with this group please let me know will be opening that up very soon to any who would like to be a Co-Founder, Contributor, and/or Administrator of this group so that if something happens again where I can not make this group all it should be that someone else can keep it alive while I am out.

And many other things... this group is still under construction thank you all for being patient with me.  

I hope this blog finds you all well and wishing you great luck in all of your contests, adventures, and lives.
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greQ111 Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2012  Professional General Artist
Thanks for featuring my work! Appreciated =)
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Thanks for the request! <3
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95NFH Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2012
Thank for your support^^

This my first time joining a group :D

Dryad [link]
Chimera [link]
Seavannah Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
So happy that you joined and to know it is your first group wow makes my day. Thank you and hope it helped.

There are a lot of great groups out there on DA you should join those as well that would also help get more exposure for you and your art. If you go to anyone of my own t-shirt entries you can find some great groups on the right side of my image that are really good and have excepted me and others and helped a lot.

Good luck in all that you do! :shamrock::heart:
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